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30-Day Money back guarantee

Orchestrate treatments with confidence by tracking your patients’ FeNO on every visit.

New customers ordering a Fenom Pro system can return it in its original packaging within 30 days for a full refund. Contact support@spirosure.com to request a return shipping label.

Fenom Pro PC software is available for download here. The software is an optional component that allows storage and printing of FeNO results.


Indications for Use

Fenom Pro Nitric Oxide Test is a portable, non-invasive device to measure fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) in human breath. FeNO is increased in some airway inflammatory processes, such as asthma, and often decreases in response to anti-inflammatory treatment. Measurement of FeNO by Fenom Pro is a method to measure the decrease in FeNO concentration in asthma patients that often occurs after treatment with anti-inflammatory pharmacological therapy as an indication of therapeutic effect in patients with elevated FeNO levels. FeNO measurements are to be used as an adjunct to established clinical assessments. Fenom Pro is suitable for children, approximately 7-17 years, and adults 18 years and older. Testing using the Fenom Pro should only be done in a point-of-care healthcare setting under professional supervision. Fenom Pro should not be used in critical care, emergency care or in anesthesiology.

Fenom Pro is a prescription-only device intended for purchase and use by licensed healthcare professionals.